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True Crime: Streets Of LA Download Movie Free

OK, action movie aficionados, stop us if you've heard this one before. In True Crime, you take on the role of a Los Angeles police officer, suspended indefinitely for unspecified infractions that have you classified as a "loose cannon" that no one else on the force wants to work with. But when the triads and the local Russian gangs start working together, you--and your tough, reckless take on everyday police work--are the LAPD's only hope. After quickly offending your new female partner by calling her a secretary and asking her to get you coffee, you take to the streets to set about solving this crime "your way." Along the way, you'll uncover some deep conspiracies, attempt to rescue your kidnapped brother, and even find out the truth about what happened to the father you barely knew--who, of course, was also an LA police officer who happened to vanish while investigating a particularly tough case. By the end, you'll have caused several things to explode, engaged in high-speed car chases, and shot holes in or broken the necks of just about every hardened criminal in the City of Angels. The story writers have managed to create a fairly genuine, albeit somewhat generic, take on the B-rate action movie plot.

True Crime: Streets of LA download movie free

True Crime looked really solid for a console game when it was originally released back in November of 2003. Even though it's been less than a year since then, the PC version looks really dated. Things like textures, including those used on the streets and those used for the faces of characters in cutscenes, look low-quality and, to a lesser extent, washed-out. Even on a system that blows the game's minimum system requirements away, True Crime looks like a PlayStation 2 game that's been ported up, touched up a little bit, and shipped. That said, the game's rendition of Los Angeles is still pretty impressive. Los Angeles looks startlingly realistic, right down to the maze of freeway on- and off-ramps. What's more, the city streets don't look repetitive. The buildings along the streets are nicely varied, and you'll even pick out a few landmarks, like the Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center. Just don't try driving up the street from the convention center in search of the Del Taco on Figueroa. It isn't there. The cars in the game are nicely detailed, and the lack of licensed ones means that you can bang up all the vehicles quite nicely. In fact, a shot to the gas tank will actually cause a car to explode in a fireball of destruction.

When a business deal between the Russian mafia and the Triad goes sour, you just know the s***'s gonna hit the fan. That's where officer Nick Kang comes in. Nick's gonna clean up the streets of L.A. using all his driving, shootin' and martial-arts fighting skills. Familiar? It should be. "The story is based on some of our favorite action movies including Hard Boiled, Rush Hour, L.A. Confidential and the Lethal Weapon series," says Activision producer Bryan Bustamante. "We wanted to create a real cinematic feel to the game."But this isn't just a huge area that's mildly reminiscent of Los Angeles. An entire section of the city of angels will be re-created faithfully within the world of True Crime, right down to street signs, billboards and major landmarks.

The true crime here might be copyright infringement. Hardboiled cop Nick Kang's freeform shooting spree could just as easily be set in any of the GTA series's crime capitals. But considering America's new addiction to bloodletting, that's not such a bad thing. And Kang's kung fu and ballistic ballet could give his game a needed lead on Rockstar's crooks.

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