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Fishing Charters Key West Fly Fishing __HOT__

As the conditions start to change we are also seeing a change in the fishing. Our summertime species are reacting to the cooler water temperatures and starting to thin out. At the same time our winter time species are beginning to load up the backcountry. With the variety of life and bait that is coming inshore, all of the predators are following suit. Jacks, barracuda, snapper, grouper, sharks and many more will continue to fill in as the next couple months and weeks go by.

Fishing Charters Key West Fly Fishing

All fishing charters include complimentary use of Sage and Loomis Rods, Tibor and Shimano Reels, Sci. Angler & RIO fly lines, Seaguar Flourocarbon leaders & tippets, hand tied flies and lures and all terminal tackle, an iced down cooler with bottled water and your fishing licenses (1-2 anglers per charter, if more anglers please advise).

Breathable, moisture-wicking shirts and slacks or shorts are best with a billed cap and polarized sunglasses (amber or copper lenses are the best color for seeing fish on the flats). Foul weather gear and/or a jacket may come in handy during questionable weather days. Sunscreen (lotion only please! no spray) and lipbalm in spf 15 or higher is advised. Also, please bring along your best fishing luck, skills and stories to share with the Captain!Contact Captain DexterGet In

Welcome to fishing in legendary Key West. I'm Captain Lenny Leonard. Have you caught yourself day dreaming about fishing the shallow water flats off Key West, the Marquesas, and the Lower Florida Keys? Have you ever made a cast to a school of feeding bonefish, or stalked a tailing permit? How about fly fishing for a daisy chaining tarpon, or doing battle with the most feared of the ocean going predators, the shark or barracuda?

Key West has the much deserved reputation of having the finest flats fishing found anywhere in the world. Whether you are spin casting in the back country Snipe Keys, or fly fishing in the far western atoll known as the Marquesas Keys, you will enjoy the challenge of light tackle sight fishing. You can catch them all: tarpon, permit, bonefish, shark, and barracuda. You could even be lucky enough to catch the grand slam. Can you imagine catching and releasing a tarpon, permit, and bonefish all in the same day! I've seen it done. Key West is also loaded with the fun fish. Jack cravalle, bar jack, ladyfish, snook and redfish roam the clear, pristine water in and around the flats of the Lower Keys and Key West.

Key West Fly & Spin Fishing Charters, Inc. is your best choice for a fun filled productive day of sight fishing on the flats of the Florida Keys for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish. Whether you are a novice looking for instruction on your first cast or an avid angler I can I can help you achieve your fishing goals. We specialize in both fly and spin fishing for these prized species so we cater to both types anglers . We will do everything possible to get you to the fish, provide you with professional equipment, casting instruction, and have blast while doing it. We want this to be a fishing experience and memory that will last a lifetime. Get bent and Sling Some String with us here in the beautiful Florida Keys!

There is nothing better then having great day fishing except if you have an epic lunch to go with it! When planning a day on the water food is always an issue. Some bring their own lunch and the Circle K Italian meat sandwich is always a last resort, but what we recommend is a lot better!

LICENSES AND LODGING: We provide all the necessary fishing licenses. Often times we are able to pick you up at your hotel/ guesthouse and drop you off at the end of the day depending on where you stay. There are a number of great places to stay depending on where you will be fishing from. If you are staying in Key West we highly recommend Key West Hideaways. They offer one-of-a-kind vacation rentals for every trip you have in mind. Whether you are coming to do serious fishing by yourself or bringing the whole family, Kevin and his staff at K.W. Hideaways will take care of everything for you. If you would like help finding a place to stay outside Key West please CONTACT US and we will help you find the ideal fishing retreat.

World Angling acts as a booking agent for the guide(s) it books. When you make a booking you are entering into a contract with the guide via World Angling Inc. not with World Angling Inc. itself. World Angling will use its experience, knowledge and insight to secure the most professional guide(s) in our Crew and network whom we feel will be a good fit for the type of fishing experience you seek. Our job is to use our knowledge of guides and their availability to help you get the best fishing experience possible. Essentially, we are in the business of booking successful fun fishing trips with the best local independent guides we know. For all the details of this agreement and contract in which you are entering, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Welcome to Key West Fly Fishing in the fabulous Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are home to incredible saltwater fly fishing for massive tarpon, giant permit and plentiful bonefish. Key West fly fishing for permit in particular is better than anywhere else on the planet. Fly fishing in the Keys is challenging, at times technical, and extremely rewarding. Some of the best anglers and fly fishing guides in the world call Key West and the Florida Keys home for this reason.

Key West fly fishing for tarpon is must for any serious saltwater fly fisherman. The sport was pioneered on the flats of the Florida Keys and Key West. These waters are steeped in tradition and we continue to push the envelope in them today. The Keys were, and still are the place to fly fish for tarpon. Anglers from around the world flock here in the spring for the annual tarpon migration. That being said we have a terrific tarpon fishery for resident fish year round. Key West and the Marquesas Keys are famous in tarpon fishing circles for a reason. Visit my page fly fishing for tarpon in Key West.

Key West is one funky place to say the least. It is made up of eclectic people who find comfort at the end of the road. It is a place where you can be yourself however wacky that self may be. It really is paradise for the right kind of person. I knew I was home within the first hour of being here. Flats fishing was born in the Florida Keys and wind and tides still hold sway . The Florida Keys are to salt fly fishing what Yankee Stadium is to baseball. No other fishery combines such great fishing and such a cool place. I am proud to call it home.

The crown jewel of Key West fishing is the Marquesas Keys 25 miles due west. You can step back in time when you are fly fishing in the Marquesas. The area is much the same as it was thousands of years ago. The Marquesas support a staggering array of marine life, and game fish are abundant. The permit fishing is extraordinary on most days, and these islands hold more tarpon than anywhere else in the Florida Keys. Be sure to visit my Marquesas Keys page for all the details and let me know if you would like to fish there during your stay in Key West.

This fishing mecca consists of numerous uninhabited mangrove islands, well protected bays, turtle grass basins, deep channels and endless flats. We are already 100 miles off shore, so you know we don't have to go far to find fish.

Welcome to the Highlands to Islands homepage! We offer guided fly fishing and light tackle, flats fishing trips in Key West and the lower Florida Keys. We sight fish for Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish, as well as many other species in the clear shallow water flats surrounding the lower Keys. We also offer guided fly fishing trips in Southwestern Montana during the summer months. Float fishing is popular in Montana and we will work many of the western rivers in pursuit of Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat Trout. We've chosen two world class venues to challenge your angling skills. We look forward to having you on our boat real soon. - Captain Jimi

Captain Jimi attended college in Missoula, Montana where his passion for fly fishing grew into a way of life. Jimi started guiding for Headwaters Angling in 1983 and soon became one of the top guides on the Madison River. He has earned the reputation as a friendly, hardworking guide and is respected by both his fellow guides and anglers.In the early 90s Jimi came to Key West to Tarpon fish and caught a bad case of Tarpon fever. He soon moved to the Keys and began to guide flats anglers in 1995. Having a U.S. Coast Guard Captains License as well as an outfitters license in Montana, has given Jimi a well rounded approach to fishing. Jimi now spends the majority of his time in Key West, Florida pursuing Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish.Summers are still spent in Montana, fly fishing for trout. Jimi is a full time guide and an avid fly tyer who has not lost his enthusiasm for his sport.

Fishermen from all over the world rank Key West fly fishing as some of the best available anywhere. Stalking shallow water flats around the Lower Keys with a fly rod in hand can be both exciting and relaxing for both young and old alike. Whether you are returning to settle a score with the tarpon that got away, or going to Key West for the first time to try your hand at fly fishing, you can find great experiences there all year long!

In fly fishing, fish are caught by using artificial lines that are cast with a fly rod and a fly line. The fly line is heavy enough to cast in order to send the fly to the target. Offshore saltwater species of fish are usually attracted to the fly by chumming with small baitfish, or teasing the fish to the boat by trolling a large hookless lure.

Popular Key West fly fishing targets are tarpon, barracuda, crevalle jacks, permit, and bonefish, and the number and type of fish on the flats vary from month to month. Permit fishing has become increasingly popular with a tournament in March called the March Merkin and one in July called the Del Brown Invitational. Fish come to the flats hungry and ready to latch on to your bait, and give you some great excitement fly fishing! 041b061a72

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