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Buy Pressed Flowers Online

Founded over a decade ago and still operating as a family-owned business, Greetings of Grace has been serving its loyal customers by providing the largest selection of pressed dried flowers available on the web, at the lowest prices, and with exceptional customer service.We press flowers. That is our passion and we love being able to see others create magnificent works of art through the beauty of dried and pressed flowers that will last forever.

buy pressed flowers online

At Greetings of Grace, we are committed to being your number one source for your pressed flower needs. Our family and team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service so that you will always have an exceptional experience with us.

To read the story of how and why we started this family business, click here! Sometimes life throws at us hardships and pain that are so difficult to comprehend. But no matter how cold, how rigid, how tough the winter season may be, there will always be another colorful spring waiting to bloom in all its glory. Thank you for letting us share our story and our love for flowers with you!

We have a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our pressed flower products. If you are not 100% satisfied with any item you purchase from Greetings of Grace, you can return it to us within 30 days! Click here for details on our return policy.

If you wish to buy dried pressed flowers in bulk, please contact us and we would be happy to talk with you to see if we can supply what you need. Some flowers may require a longer amount of time to prepare, so please let us know as far in advance as possible.

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and your excellent flowers and foliage. I now have the best incentive to create some cards to send to friends that are homebound or need a little extra love and encouragement. I really appreciate the card and stickers too. You made my day. I will certainly share your company info with all my pressed flower friends!"- Regina C"I just wanted to send you a special thank you for your wonderful flowers and super way in which they are packaged and shipped. I just started press flower art and am a member of a yahoo group for this art form. Your wonderful flowers are so very inspiring! I am currently disabled with a broken back and as soon as it heals, I will be facing a very serious back surgery that will take months of recovery. So, I am preparing myself for this recovery period with this beautiful art form to help me keep busy. I am gathering flowers myself in the fields around me and from my own small patio garden, but your flowers are so beautifully pressed that I almost wonder why I am trying to do my own! The care and quality of your products are evident and are sincerely appreciated."- Julie G

"I placed an order for some dried flowers a week or so ago after seeing you ad in my last issue of Paper Crafts magazine. I received my shipment earlier this week and I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with your products. To be quite honest, I had no specific need for them now but I was so impressed with the selection and the number of flowers in each pack that I found myself quickly filling up my cart. I will definitely be shopping with you again and I will spread the good word to my crafty friends as well. Keep up the great work!" - Beth

* Pressed flowers and leaves are dyed artificially. Thus, Please run a bleeding test with a pressed flower to see if they bleeds before you start a main work.** All our standard orders despatched via ordinary air mail without tracking number. Therefore, if you wish to have your order processed with tracking number, please choose DHL Express for international order and Next Day delivery for UK order.

You will need a few pressed flowers for these Pressed Flower Pots. You can buy pre-pressed dried flowers online, or you can easily make your own! It does take a couple of weeks to fully press them but it can be a fun project for you and the kids.

You spend hours creating a beautiful piece of frames pressed flower art. You display it on your wall or perhaps you give or sell your art to others. Before you know it, those beautiful flowers are turning... fading. How do you maximize the longevity of the color in your pressed flower art?

I made these pressed flower prints as part of a new gallery wall that I'm planning in our dining room. Instead of spending money on generic wall art, I decided I'd rather make something unique to add some interesting texture to this space. If you've read my post 'How to make pressed flower lanterns', you'll already know how much I love using pressed flowers to make beautiful decorations for my home and garden. Pressed flower wall art is even easier to make and just as beautiful.

You can easily press flowers for this project by placing them between pieces of blotting paper and weighing them down with heavy books. This process takes around two to three weeks depending upon the thickness of the flowers.

Insert your pressed flower print to the back of the photo frame. Add the paper print which came with the photo frame to pack out the frame a little. This will help to stop the print from moving around.

It only took a few hours to make all of these lovely pressed flower prints. If you are making all of your wall art with watercolour paper, you could have them all finished in less than thirty minutes. The time it took for the tissue paper backgrounds to dry was what dragged this project out a little and even then, it only took a few hours waiting for the paper to dry before I could finish the project.

I'd love it if you'd leave a comment below letting me know what you think of my pressed flower wall art and if you have any suggestions for the rest of my frames, pop those in there too, I'm all ears!

Jayne these are all gorgeous! I love the different varieties of flowers you used and how easy to follow your step by step instructions were too. We're always passing wildflowers on the way to the cabin so I can't wait to stop and pick some now that I know I can frame them as a keepsake. Thank so much! Hugs, CoCo

Your pressed flower art is so pretty! Reading your post was like a trip down memory lane for me. My grandmother made lovely pressed flower art and also dried flower arrangements. Every Christmas, she provided gifts for me to give all of my elementary teachers. I still display her framed worked even though the flowers have faded.

Love this tutorial! Someone gave us some framed dried flowers as a wedding gift, and it's one of my favorite things on our living room bookshelf. Would love to try to replicate this for some more beautiful art!

My bouquet came back absolutely stunning, and I am so impressed with everything to do with my flowers. I love them so much, and cannot wait to give this as a gift to all of the future brides in my life. I am actually currently buying it for my best friend who got married on Sunday.

I am in LOVE with my pressed floral arrangement. Sarah was wonderful to work with. She kept me updated throughout the entire process and took my input into consideration. Every time I see it, I get reminded of one of the best days of my life all over again. This is one of my favorite wedding keepsakes. I highly recommend this service!

Pressed floral was incredible!!! They took incredible care of my flowers & they look absolutely gorgeous in the frames. I am so glad I decided to trust them with my flowers because they came out better than I could have ever imagined. If you're on the fence about getting your flowers preserved with them, DO IT!!! You won't regret it

Pressed Floral did a wonderful job framing my flowers! Well worth the wait to receive such a beautiful and lifetime keepsake from my wedding. They were easy to communicate with and kept me in the loop along the way. From PA to Utah I was so impressed by what they could do!

I got my bouquet pressed and have never loved something so much in my life. I cried when I saw it because I am so happy with it. A little back story... I got married in a untraditional way - I eloped and had my wedding reception and ring ceremony later. For a while it didn't feel like I was married. I did things backwards and I don't necessarily feel like I ever had a "big day". Since getting my bouquet pressed and having it back it's tied things up for me and made everything feel a little more special. It's a way to preserve a special piece of my day that I did have. I'm so in love and happy. It's 100% worth the money. The integrity of my bouquet was kept and it reminds me of the bouquet I did have! I can't say enough great things about Pressed Floral.

Learn how to make lovely pressed flower frames! Create these beautiful works of art and invite Spring into your home! Whether you have flowers from your garden, a bouquet from a special occasion, or just bought pre-pressed flowers online, you can turn them into beautiful pieces of art for your home.

This method for dried flower frames is much faster but it can be a little finicky. We bought several cheap bouquets and picked some flowers to experiment with. Plus we used them for our Botany lessons. Two birds with one stone!

I tried to at least steer clear of the obviously dyed flowers but we ended up with some in our order and the kids loved them anyway. To be honest, they actually are really pretty. You can find them here.

Check to make sure your flowers are going in the right direction before you glue them. My son spent a couple of hours creating a tree scene only to discover he had glued it all down sideways to the chain. I accidently glued mine upside down. But I still liked mine so I kept it.

Making this pressed flower craft is so simple, and the results are so pretty! These pressed flower lanterns provide a pop of colour from the dried flowers and a soft glow from the tea light candles inside.

The warm glow of candlelight shines through the glass of these colourful pressed flower lanterns, illuminating any room you place them in. Celebrate the beauty of summer flowers year round with this pressed flower craft! 041b061a72

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