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How to Listen to Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead Online and Offline

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For three weeks in October 2006, Radiohead worked at Tottenham House in Marlborough, Wiltshire, a country house scouted by Godrich. The band members lived in caravans, as the building was in a state of disrepair.[2] Yorke described it as "derelict in the stricter sense of the word, where there's holes in the floor, rain coming through the ceilings, half the window panes missing ... There were places you just basically didn't go. It definitely had an effect. It had some pretty strange vibes."[9] The sessions were productive, and the band recorded "Jigsaw Falling into Place" and "Bodysnatchers".[12] Yorke wrote on Dead Air Space that Radiohead had "started the record properly now ... starting to get somewhere I think. Finally."[13] During the recording, Colin Greenwood contracted temporary hearing loss and tinnitus brought upon by faulty headphones.[14]

Radiohead ruled out an internet-only distribution, saying that 80% of people still bought physical releases and that it was important for them to have "an object".[49] In Rainbows was released on CD and vinyl in Japan by BMG on 26 December 2007,[50] in Australia on 29 December 2007 by Remote Control Records,[51] and in the United States and Canada on 1 January 2008 by ATO imprint TBD Records and MapleMusic/Fontana respectively.[52][53] Elsewhere, the album was released on 31 December 2007 by independent record label XL Recordings,[54] which had released Yorke's solo album The Eraser.[55] The CD release came in a cardboard package containing the CD, lyric booklet, and several stickers that could be placed on the blank jewel case to create cover art.[56] In Rainbows was the first Radiohead album available for download in several digital music stores, such as the iTunes Store and Amazon MP3.[57] On 10 June 2016, it was added to the free streaming service Spotify.[58]

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