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Where To Buy Net10 Phone Cards

I have had tracfone every since tracfone came out, then switched to net10. My on complaint about net10 unlimited is the call waiting feature is blocked. After 6 different phones and 4 months dealing with this issue, the activation dept finally admitted that on the unlimited plan, those features are blocked. So be aware of that.

where to buy net10 phone cards

Sebastian25, I am a fan of Net 10, and stay with it and recommend it to many. It is no hassle, has no billing or contracts, where people try to overcharge you, and I have NEVER had problems with reception or with calling any place. I have never had dead areas, and I hear and am heard perfectly on my phone; therefore, when I saw the Samsung with 300 minutes and the extras you speak of I bought it immediately. I ordered it from QVC, so if you have gotten yours already please tell me about it. I am looking forward to the mp3 player and the camera, and I got 300 minutes free. I paid $100, but I considered that reasonable with the extras I am getting with it! For me, I am staying with Net10 forever. From the bad experiences I had with other providers, including AT&T and others, Net10 is perfect, and now this Samsung phone with the extras and the free time is just the icing on the cake.

I have paid a lot of money in the past to Sprint and Verizon and had to put up with all their restrictions & penalties. I only need a phone for making phone calls and the convenience of being able to call if my vehicle breaks down or similar situation. I use computers a lot, and have a couple of websites, but I just like a simple phone. I have been using Net10 for close to 2 years now and I am happy with it. I am not a phone person, I buy 300 mins/2 months service and the minutes rollover. You have to re-up in 2 months when you buy 300 mins whether you use the mins or not, that is fine. I use so little that with the rollover, I have 800 min on my phone now, if I buy 300 mins now, it will add 300 more mins and 2 months on top of my existing mins and current 2 month date. Months and time just stack up. Coverage is as good as I had with Verizon or Sprint, and I found out that where I am at (North Carolina)the provider that Net 10 uses is AT&T Cingular. So, basically, a cell phone cost me $30 every 2 months.($15/month)

NET10 phones, SIM cards and airtime cards are sold by various retailers including Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Online retailers such as Amazon also carry the brand. You can also always buy straight from NET10.

The young Manager kept telling me they didn't sell $20 Net10 card, and I would have to buy the $25 (monthly) one, where I would lose my minutes and days of service. Other cashiers sold them to me until I confronted the Manager and then the cards disappeared. Now I have to drive 60 miles round trip to purchase minutes at other Dollar General stores. I think another card can be put in my local store again, and that manager should be fired. We have a new store in Wellsville, but she may have been moved there, and I don't want to waste gas going there if she is. Thank You 041b061a72

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