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[S1E4] For The Children

Father realizes he could teach the children how to hunt, as the creature that formerly stalked their camp is still in the carbos storage hunt. While hunting might have been notorious on Earth, these children have never even had to consider the possibility. Campion, who has developed a very strong sense of empathy, is entirely against killing another living creature.

[S1E4] For the Children

Little do they know, Mother removed the trackers from each child (after putting each one to sleep with another special ability) and threw them in a hole. They think the children are just on the move again. Convincing Ambrose to send a team to find the children is near impossible as it is, especially when they discover a massive pyramid-like formation in the desolate setting. The building emanates warmth, making the Mithraic believe it was a gift from Sol they need to open.

While Father tries to teach the children how to hunt, Mother returns to the woods where some of the Mithraic ark supplies landed. She hopes to find parts that might allow her to get their mobile lab running again, as Tempest has asked to use it so she can carry the baby to term. Father is against it, believing they should let nature run its course.

It makes sense that "Rose390" is the scariest episode of Evil yet; like, hello, it features not one but two extremely creepy children. Say all you want about gross demons or Adults Who Do Terrible Things -- creepy children win the "What's Scarier" battle every single time. I mean, we've all seen Orphan.

The next time they play the game, they get connected to the internet and a player by the name of Rose390 (Nora Murphy) asks to join. They allow this because they are children and have not been scared by the evils of this world and by the fact that many people out there will try to take advantage of you because people are terrible. Don't worry, they will learn this! Rose390 is our second creepy child of the hour. She looks like a mix of the girl from The Ring and the twins from The Shining. So, you know, terrifying. She gets the girls to open a new level of the game through a ouija board and has them chant weird things until a giant demon appears. Thankfully, Ben the Magnificent (that's how he introduced himself to the girls because he's constantly trying to make me love him more) overhears some weird stuff going down and stops them, realizing that they should definitely not be playing this game. Like, at all.

Ben's threats are apparently not intimidating enough, because Rose390 shows up one more time, turning the game on herself and telling Lynn and Lila that their dad is dead. Again, this is a super cool time for everyone involved. It's only after this encounter that Kristen finally forbids the girls to use the goggles at all and assures them that their father is fine. I don't normally believe evil children who appear inside augmented reality games, but maybe Rose390 has a point -- what's the deal with Mr. Bouchard? Is he really sherpa-ing his heart out on Mount Everest? Will we get some visual confirmation of his existence any time soon?

But they have it all wrong. The team gets all geared up for an exorcism (we'll get to see this exorcist priest in action by season's end, right?), but when they arrive at Eric's home, there are already police there. His mother is tearful and cagey, telling them that there was an incident and Eric is missing. He ran away. But they can also hear Eric's dad (Michael Stahl-David) telling the police that "the blood isn't Eric's" and Eric's mom whispers to them that she loves all of her children, but when one is putting the others in danger, she needs to protect them. The team stands on the front stoop in shock. This woman and her husband have killed their son. Let that sink in. These people were so scared and felt so helpless, they murdered their own child... and they are going to get away with it. David, Kristen, and Ben all look like they might throw up right there. Instead, David goes home -- with a graphic novel Eric apparently left for him -- and prays. Kristen goes home to her girls, but being surrounded by them is too much for her and she winds up on the kitchen floor, trying to muffle her sobs by turning on the kitchen faucet. It is devastating, and a clear indication that these cases are going to take a toll on our heroes. So anyway, that should be fun and I'll see you next Thursday?

The episode opens with a village peacefully going about their gathering of fish-like creatures called krill while the children play around the area, including a young girl named Winta chasing a frog alongside the ponds. But they are disrupted by a group of Klatooinian raiders, who shoot a few villagers before they can hide with the rest and take scores of their supplies, including the latest harvest of krill. Winta and her mother Omera take cover in a pond under a wicker basket until the raiders leave the area.

There's an army in the offices of Olivia Pope & Associates the men assigned to protect General Benicio Florez, a brutal South American dictator. The guy is a sworn enemy of the U.S. who is in town for an annual conference. He's in the office because someone has kidnapped his wife and children. The general's oldest son was a witness to the kidnapping, but the team believes he's not being completely truthful about all that happened. Huck tracks down the younger son's computer game to locate the rest of the family. They are at a women's shelter where they find out that Florez's wife, Carolina, wasn't kidnapped. She ran to escape from the clutches of her dictator husband. Abby doesn't want to return this frightened woman to the general, so she checks her and the kids into a hotel and then lies to Olivia in order to keep this secret.

Olivia meets up with General Florez as he's preparing to return to his own country. She assures him that Carolina is not going away. She will strike back by writing memoirs and talking about women's rights in the developing world and will become a hero who will inspire others to rise up and fight. If the general wants to survive politically in the future, he should reconsider taking his children away from their mother, which Florez does!

A series of family murders takes place, and Will determines they were conducted by each of the families' missing children, who were abducted and brainwashed into killing their old families for their "new family." Against Alana's advice, Hannibal checks Abigail out of the hospital for some frightening psychiatric practices that ultimately align her loyalty with him.

The team identifies that there are four people committing the murders, and at least three are children. Following the investigation at the second murder house, Graham concludes the "lost boys" are killing their old families to bond more closely to their new family. Graham continues his sessions with Dr. Lecter and confides that even if he finds the boys he will never be able to give them back their families.

In a diner, we meet the three children and woman calling herself their mother, who explains that they are a family. The eldest boy is entirely comfortable with the killings, but one of the youngest boys is obviously traumatized by what he has seen and done. Later, the young boy wets himself in a store when paralyzed by fear of being in the gaze of the oldest boy.

I immediately asked her parents to excuse us so she could speak her mind some more. Youth Adelaide, a fictional name for said person, told me that she had consistently asked to be vaccinated. However, her parents refused! Their explanation, it is a scheme from the democrats who are known to kill children. The shot is dangerous,,,, and it kills", she added! There was no sound explanation for why the family of 5 chose not to take the vaccination. The girl was even more annoyed when she was told not to wear a mask! She would go to class extremely anxious, hyperventilating, passing out sometimes.

While I knew that many were drawing the party lines between using the vaccination, I thought when it got to children being affected, people would change their minds. The truth be told, these parents are wasting their children's lives! This is absolutely unacceptable.

What then is an ANSWER to the dilemma we have found ourselves in America? Get Vaccinated! If you love your children and your family at large, you do what you must to save the lives of the loved one.

The application of consequences must be followed with conversations about desired behaviors. The conversation communicates the reason for the rule or restriction. Sometimes parents have included the older kids when discussing rules and consequences. Reminders help even the youngest children to be mindful of their behavior.

The relationships that parents have with their children can be some of the strongest bonds ever. Parents are the first educators of their children, so they have a big responsibility to provide the guidance, safety, and protection that allows their children to grow and develop into healthy children, teens, and eventually, adults!

Each day brings a new set of experiences for everyone, including those parents raising children. These experiences include following a schedule for the day, planning meals, getting kids ready and off to school or early care and parents out the door to work on time! The competing activities can cause tension and frustration without the necessary coping skills!

The result may be behavior that is expressed in ways that cause everyone upset. Parents quickly become aware of the signs their children express in reaction to the frustration they may be feeling. Many times, parents can act first and re-direct a child, offer a snack, provide a new activity, or offer a moment to snuggle resulting in a well-deserved nap.

Culture is another aspect that figures into our decisions regarding what measures are taken to guide and discipline children. Research confirms culture influences what child behaviors we view as desired or undesirable. It also influences what parenting practices we view as normal and acceptable. 041b061a72

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