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it must be remembered that the hymns of the rig veda were composed in one, though not continuous, period, and were not recited all at the same time. the order of the hymns as they stand in the current text were in order of their composition and not in the order in which they were recited. and they are not only said to be recited, but they are said to be recited in the temples in their present form. in other words, the hymns of the rig veda were at least collected in one book at a later date than their composition, and this book is what we call the rig veda, which may have been edited in one book in 1200 bc, for all we know.

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there is no hard and fast rule for the dating of the vedic hymns. the oldest hymns were probably composed about 1500 bc, and this may have been the time of composition of the very first hymn of the rig veda, the dakshinamurthi, the oldest of which is attributed to the same period. the earliest of the great poem hymns and probably the last of the rig veda is the bedsa. but the hymns of the great poem are not earlier than 1200 bc. the dakshinamurthi, the sukta of the great poem and the bedsa were combined in a few centuries to form the great poem, and this hymn was in turn combined with the older hymns to form the rig veda. the proof of this is that in the northern veda, as in the rig veda, each hymn of the northern veda has the same number of verses as the great poem of the southern veda.

there are twelve vidyas (intellectual activities), of which five deal with the hymns of the vedas and the remainder with the vedanta or philosophy. knowledge is the highest vidyas and knowledge is the highest veda; and of these vidyas, rigveda is the highest, is the highest veda of the vidyas.

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