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Watch Resident Evil 1 Full Movie in Hindi HD for Free Online or Offline: Best Options and Tips

Resident Evil 1 Full Movie in Hindi HD Free Download

Resident Evil is a 2002 action-horror film based on the popular video game series of the same name by Capcom. It is the first installment in a franchise that has spawned six sequels, three animated films, two live-action series, and numerous spin-offs. The film follows a group of commandos who must fight their way out of a secret underground facility infested with zombies and mutants after a deadly virus outbreak. The film stars Milla Jovovich as Alice, Michelle Rodriguez as Rain, Eric Mabius as Matt, James Purefoy as Spence, Martin Crewes as Kaplan, and Colin Salmon as One.


If you are a fan of horror movies or video games, you might be interested in watching Resident Evil 1 full movie in Hindi HD for free. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie, including its plot summary, characters and cast, reviews and ratings, trivia and facts, and how to watch it legally or illegally online or offline. We will also give you a glimpse of the other Resident Evil movies and the upcoming Netflix series based on the same universe.

What is Resident Evil 1 About?

Plot Summary

The film begins with a thief stealing a vial of a highly contagious biological weapon called the T-virus from a secret laboratory called The Hive, located under Raccoon City. The thief escapes through a train but drops the vial in the process, causing it to break and release the virus into The Hive's ventilation system. The Hive's artificial intelligence system, known as The Red Queen, detects the contamination and seals off The Hive, killing all its staff and test subjects with nerve gas.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up naked in a shower with no memory of who she is or where she is. She finds a red dress and explores a mansion where she encounters Matt (Eric Mabius), who claims to be a cop looking for his sister Lisa (Heike Makatsch), who worked at The Hive. They are soon captured by a team of commandos led by One (Colin Salmon), who take them to The Hive's entrance in the train. They are joined by Spence (James Purefoy), who is Alice's husband and a security operative for The Hive. He also suffers from amnesia due to the nerve gas. The commandos reveal that they work for the Umbrella Corporation, the company that owns The Hive and developed the T-virus. They explain that they have been sent to shut down The Red Queen and investigate what happened in The Hive.

They enter The Hive using Alice's and Spence's fingerprints and encounter a series of deadly traps set by The Red Queen, such as a laser grid that kills most of the commandos. Only Alice, Matt, Spence, Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), and Kaplan (Martin Crewes) survive and reach The Red Queen's chamber. They manage to deactivate The Red Queen with the help of a hacker named Chad (Indra Ové), who stays behind in the train. However, they also unleash the zombies and mutants that were created by the T-virus. They have to fight their way back to the train before The Hive's doors close permanently.

Along the way, they discover that Lisa was an undercover reporter who tried to expose Umbrella's illegal experiments. She was infected by the T-virus and turned into a zombie. Matt kills her in self-defense and gets bitten by her. They also find out that Spence was the thief who stole the T-virus and planned to sell it on the black market. He regains his memory and betrays the others, taking the anti-virus and locking them in a room with zombies. He tries to escape with the train but is attacked by a mutated creature called the Licker, which kills him and destroys the anti-virus.

Alice uses her martial arts skills and a hidden gun to break out of the room and rescue the others. They reach the train and activate it, but the Licker follows them and kills Kaplan. Alice manages to electrocute the Licker with a cable and detach its car from the train. They arrive at the mansion, where they are met by a group of Umbrella scientists in hazmat suits. They take Matt away, who is showing signs of mutation due to the T-virus. Alice tries to stop them but is knocked out by one of them.

Alice wakes up in a hospital bed, hooked to various machines. She escapes from the hospital and finds out that Raccoon City has been overrun by zombies and quarantined by Umbrella. She arms herself with a shotgun and walks out of the hospital, ready to face the apocalypse.

Characters and Cast

Here are some of the main characters and cast members of Resident Evil 1, along with some trivia and facts about their roles:





Milla Jovovich

- Alice is an original character created for the film, not based on any video game character.- Alice is named after Alice in Wonderland, as she goes through a series of surreal events.- Milla Jovovich did most of her own stunts in the film.- Milla Jovovich married Paul W.S. Anderson, the director of Resident Evil 1, in 2009.

Rain Ocampo

Michelle Rodriguez

- Rain is also an original character created for the film.- Rain is one of the few characters who does not appear in any other Resident Evil movie.- Michelle Rodriguez was cast as Rain because Paul W.S. Anderson liked her performance in The Fast and the Furious.- Michelle Rodriguez had to wear contact lenses to make her eyes brown, as she has green eyes.

Matt Addison

Eric Mabius

- Matt is loosely based on Leon S. Kennedy, a main character from Resident Evil 2.- Matt is revealed to be the brother of Lisa Addison, who is based on Ada Wong, another main character from Resident Evil 2.- Eric Mabius was cast as Matt because Paul W.S. Anderson liked his performance in Cruel Intentions.- Eric Mabius did not return for any other Resident Evil movie.

Spence Parks

James Purefoy

- Spence is also an original character created for the film.- Spence is revealed to be Alice's husband and a traitor who stole the T-virus.- James Purefoy was cast as Spence because Paul W.S. Anderson liked his performance in A Knight's Tale.- James Purefoy was originally cast as Matt, but switched roles with Eric Mabius due to scheduling conflicts.

The Red Queen

Michaela Dicker

- The Red Queen is the artificial intelligence system that controls The Hive.- The Red Queen is voiced by an uncredited Jason Isaacs, who also plays Dr. William Birkin, the creator of the T-virus.- The Red Queen is modeled after the daughter of Dr. Charles Ashford, who appears in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.- The Red Queen's name is a reference to the character from Alice in Wonderland, as well as the chess term for a powerful piece.

Lisa Addison

Heike Makatsch

- Lisa is Matt's sister and an undercover reporter who tried to expose Umbrella's experiments.- Lisa is based on Ada Wong, a spy and love interest of Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2.- Heike Makatsch was cast as Lisa because Paul W.S. Anderson liked her performance in Love Actually.- Heike Makatsch did not return for any other Resident Evil movie.


Colin Salmon

- One is the leader of the commando team sent by Umbrella to The Hive.- One is an original character created for the film.- Colin Salmon was cast as One because Paul W.S. Anderson liked his performance in Tomorrow Never Dies.- Colin Salmon also appeared in Resident Evil: Retribution as a clone of One.


Martin Crewes

- Kaplan is the computer expert and hacker of the commando team.- Kaplan is an original character created for the film.- Martin Crewes was cast as Kaplan because Paul W.S. Anderson liked his performance in Chopper.- Martin Crewes did not return for any other Resident Evil movie.


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