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How Total Motivation Can Transform Your Organization: The Six Motives that Boost or Bust Performance

neel doshi and lindsay mcgregor have a combined twenty years of practical experience transforming cultures at iconic institutions. they are the cofounders of vega factor, a company that helps organizations build high- performing, adaptive cultures through technology, learning programs, and human capital systems. previously, neel doshi was a partner at mckinsey & company and a founding member of a tech start-up. lindsay mcgregor led projects at mckinsey & company with fortune 500 companies as well as school systems and nonprofits. lindsay and neel are married and live in new york city.

Primed To Perform: How To Build The Highest Performing Cultures Through The Science Of Total Motivat

primed to perform doesnt just provide tactics for motivating a few superstars; it offers a proven system for motivating an entire workforce. if you want to get your team off yesteryears career ladders and onto new learning curves--stretching, growing and contributing at their best--read this book. -liz wiseman, president, the wiseman group, bestselling author of multipliers and rookie smarts

the future of work and leadership will be defined by the degree to which were able to build, motivate, and manage our most valuable asset: our people. in prime to perform, neel and lindsay explore how science can help us build our most productive and successful organizations.based on scientific research that they have conducted in some of the biggest organizations in the world, this book introduces the total motivation (tomo) factor - a simple and powerful measure of the health of a culture that can help organizations learn how to create more motivated, high-performance workforces. once a company adopts a tomo measurement tool, leadership must proactively implement strategies and communicate this knowledge to the entire organization to achieve sustained, strong results. companies that keep a healthy culture will produce more motivated, high-performance employees who are more likely to innovate, be engaged, and offer continuous personal growth.

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