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2morrow Needs You: A Father's Journey Through Loss, Resilience, and Mental Health Advocacy

Most people are left at a loss for words when their world comes crashing down, especially when it's due to a tragedy as staggering as losing a child. Such was the painful reality for Marcel Roston, a single father whose life took a drastic turn following the suicide of his teenage daughter. This personal catastrophe happened against a backdrop riddled with addiction and mental health issues, presenting a poignant narrative about grief, resilience, and relentless advocacy.

Raised by an absentee father, Marcel’s journey into fatherhood was influenced heavily by his past experiences. He resolved to provide for his children better than his father had done. Unfortunately, life had other plans. His daughter, Chloe, tragically took her life at the tender age of 16 after enduring an abusive relationship. The shock came like a bolt from the blue, leaving Marcel to grapple with an insurmountable loss and a myriad of unanswered questions.

Marcel’s past was littered with bouts of addiction. He believed in providing a stable environment for his children, starkly contrasting his own upbringing. However, as much as addiction formed the backdrop of Marcel's story, it also emphasized the importance of support during trying times. Marcel managed to rise above his addiction, attributing his rehabilitation to support groups, consistent efforts, and a steely determination.

In the aftermath of his daughter's death, Marcel found himself drawn towards mental health advocacy. He started an organization dedicated to helping individuals process their grief and recover from traumatic events, bolstering their mental well-being from a place of compassion and understanding, rather than judgment. His approach fostered a safe space for individuals struggling with mental health, effectively challenging the traditional, often stigmatized narrative around suicide.

Resilience and understanding are central to Marcel's approach, highlighting the importance of patience, empathy, and open conversation in managing the complexities of suicide, addiction, and mental health. Instead of getting swamped in the depths of despair, Marcel chose to rise above it, transforming a devastating loss into a beacon of hope for others. His journey serves as a poignant reminder that it's possible to find light even amidst the darkest of times. As Marcel aptly put it, '2morrow needs you.'

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