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Brendan Watt's Inspiring Journey from Alcoholism to Recovery with Access Consciousness

Brendan Watt, a renowned speaker and author, aptly described life's trajectory as 'a sum total of every choice that you've made.' His extraordinary story of addiction recovery is a testament to this motto, and his transformative journey from alcoholism to recovery with access consciousness.

Like many others, Watt's strife with addiction didn't occur in isolation. It was a long, arduous road that saw him struggling with addiction throughout his teens and twenties, wrestling with the insatiable desire for alcohol, and spiraling into a vicious circle of choices that led him further down the path of addiction.

After a heart-wrenching 12-day bender, Watt reached a crucial crossroads. He no longer wanted to live the life he had created but didn't necessarily want to end his life either. This introspective moment was the turning point, where he chose a different path – one that led him towards sobriety and recovery.

In this time of personal turmoil, Watt stumbled upon Access Consciousness, a practice akin to a light at the end of a dark tunnel. This practice supported him in overcoming his addiction and transforming his mindset. Tools like 'Access Bars,' which functions on the principle that thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not entirely personal but borrowed from various environmental interactions, provided a lifeline.

Engaging with the Access Bars practice, Brendan managed to shed the heavy burden of destructive thoughts and emotions. The 32-point technique cleared his cognitive path, allowing him to comprehend his addiction from a fresher perspective. This tool proved to be an unexpected ally in his recovery journey.

Brendan Watt’s recovery journey is a testament to the power of choice and the potential for change. The hardship faced in his fight against alcoholism eventually became a gift that enabled him to reclaim his life, proving that even in moments of despair, every person has the innate ability and power to change their reality.

Brendan Watt's story is both a cautionary and inspirational tale. Mimicking a phoenix, he rose from the ashes of addiction, illustrating the profound power of access consciousness in addiction recovery. His story serves as a beacon of hope for those battling alcoholism, reminding them that amidst the clutches of addiction, the power of choice is always accessible.

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