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Embracing Recovery: Stephen Molinelli’s Journey

Steve Molinelli, a man who’s turned his life around in ways that are truly inspiring. Stephen is now a safety education advisor with the Saskatchewan Safety Council, but his journey to get there is what makes his story so powerful.

Steve didn’t take the usual detox and treatment route. Instead, he found his way through the rooms of recovery meetings. He had a solid ten years of sobriety but fell off the wagon and spent five tough years battling his addiction. In March 2018, he made his comeback, and from that moment, things started looking up.

One of the most striking parts of Steve’s story is how he dealt with returning to those recovery rooms. You’d think he’d be weighed down by shame or fear, but he wasn’t. Armed with the knowledge of the 12 Traditions on Alcoholics Anonymous, Steve knew that all you need is a desire to stop drinking, Steve walked back into the rooms with confidence. This mindset is crucial—understanding that we’re all imperfect and that judgment should have no place in the journey to recovery.

Since getting back on track, Steve’s life has steadily improved. He got a job, rekindled friendships, and reconnected with his children. He even found love again. His relationship with his kids, who once doubted they’d ever speak to him, is healing. This goes to show that recovery isn’t just about quitting substances—it’s about rebuilding and strengthening bonds.

What’s truly amazing about Steve is his approach to life’s challenges. He acknowledges that life isn’t always smooth sailing, but he’s equipped with the tools to handle it. Whether he’s dealing with personal loss, financial stress, or everyday struggles, he leans on the principles of his recovery to guide him through.

Steve’s career journey is just as interesting. After years in the automotive trade and a brief stint in aviation, he found his true calling in safety education. His love for motorcycles has played a huge role in his recovery. Riding offers him a therapeutic escape, a way to clear his head and stay in the moment. This focus and presence are vital, especially for those in recovery. Learn more about motorcycles and mental health here.

Stephen’s journey reminds us that recovery is always possible, no matter how tough things get. It’s about finding the light, even in the darkest times, and using it to move forward. His story encourages us to embrace our flaws, seek help when we need it, and support each other through thick and thin.

So, Check out Steve's episode and take a moment to think about his journey and what it teaches us. Recovery isn’t a straight path—it’s full of ups and downs, but with determination and support, we can all find our way. If you’re struggling, remember there’s hope, and there are people like Steve ready to help.

If Steve’s story touches you, share your thoughts and experiences with us. Together, we can build a community that supports each other through life’s challenges.

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