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Expanding Addiction Treatment in Saskatchewan: Helping People Find Hope.

In January 2024, the Saskatchewan government announced plans to expand addiction treatment services in the province, particularly in response to the growing overdose crisis. One organization at the forefront of this initiative is Edgewood Health Network (EHN).

EHN, a renowned provider of addiction treatment, will play a significant role in delivering these essential services. The need for additional support has become paramount as the existing addiction professionals in Saskatchewan work tirelessly to combat the escalating crisis.

In this episode, We had Jamie Miley, the Director of Government Relations at Edgewood Health Network, and Christina Bastow, the Vice President of National Operations to discuss the implications of this expansion for the province and the importance of holistic treatment.

Jamie Miley, who has been working in addictions in Saskatchewan for a decade, emphasized the critical need for enhanced addiction services. He shared his personal experience of overcoming addiction and highlighted the challenges faced by many individuals who lack access to quality care.

One of the main areas of focus for Edgewood Health Network in Saskatchewan is the expansion of treatment options. Traditionally, addiction treatment programs have been relatively short-term, lasting around 21 to 28 days. However, the upcoming services offered by EHN will include longer inpatient care lasting much longer.

Additionally, there will be opportunities for intensive outpatient care, which will provide ongoing support to individuals even after their discharge. The goal is to ensure a continuous journey towards recovery, equipping individuals with the necessary tools and resources to navigate life beyond addiction.

Christina Basedow emphasized the importance of addressing the complex needs of individuals struggling with addiction. She noted the prevalence of comorbidity, where substance use disorders coincide with mental health challenges or the use of multiple substances.

To effectively address these challenges, Edgewood Health Network's programming takes a multifaceted approach. It includes 24/7 nursing care, access to doctors, psychiatrists, and an interdisciplinary team of professionals who specialize in recovery-oriented care. The aim is to provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique circumstances and needs.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Edgewood Health Network is actively fostering relationships with various organizations and community partners in Saskatchewan. By engaging with universities, non-profit organizations, and community members, EHN aims to build a network of care that extends beyond the treatment facility itself.

Furthermore, EHN is committed to making their programs accessible to all individuals struggling with active addiction. With their evidence-based approach, Edgewood Health Network strives to empower individuals on their journey to wellness.

By expanding treatment options, addressing complex needs, fostering collaboration, and promoting accessibility, Edgewood Health Network is poised to make a significant impact on the addiction treatment landscape in Saskatchewan. Their holistic approach, grounded in compassion and evidence-based practices, offers hope and a renewed sense of possibility for individuals and families affected by addiction.

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