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Exploring the Depths of Emotional Wellbeing: A Profound Conversation with Laura Lawrence, Author and Founder of Youth Matters

Today, I'd like to share a fascinating conversation with Laura Lawrence, a Saskatchewan-based author and founder of Youth Matters, dedicated to helping young people improve their mental health. This dialogue was a remarkable deep dive into the realm of emotional wellbeing, mental health, and personal growth.

During the conversation, Laura shared her deep insights into a wide range of emotional issues. Drawing from her personal experiences and professional expertise in 'Body Talk', Laura emphasized the fact that our thoughts, emotions, and mental health intricately interface with our physical well-being. 'We are not our thoughts', she said, advocating for the practice of acknowledging our emotions without letting them consume us.

Laura spoke candidly about her personal experiences dealing with workaholism & mental health. An academia addict at heart, Laura's journey brought her profound insights into the trap of constant validation-seeking and unrelenting pressure to deliver. Laura addressed the inner tension many people struggle with, oscillating between feeling 'too much' or 'not enough', a theme she aims to explore further in her next book.

Laura is the founder of Youth Matters, a non-profit organization committed to fostering better mental health for youths. The initiative organizes symposiums, hosts weekly peer support platforms, and encourages constructive dialogues around mental health for young people. They encourage children to 'reach out and speak up' and help develop a mental health maintenance plan for themselves, focusing on love and pain, two universal emotions that bind humanity.

It was interesting to hear Laura’s observation on the changing emotional landscape of today’s youth. She remarked on the willingness of young people to discuss their emotions openly, a significant departure from previous generations. Laura attributed this positive transition to the concerted efforts of educators and mentors who encourage emotional expression without judgment.

As the conversation drew to a close, Laura underlined the importance of instilling a healthy perspective of emotional wellbeing in children, particularly honing their ability to identify their feelings and understand how those emotions manifest physically. She pointed out the significance of letting emotions exist without judgment or the need for immediate resolution. Laura's refreshing perspective gives a new lens to look at emotional health - a journey rather than a destination.

This conversation with Laura Lawrence was a valuable exploration of the intricate intersection of emotional wellbeing and everyday life. As we slowly break down the barriers of discussing mental health, it's conversations like these that bring us closer to understanding our feelings and emotions better. And as Laura rightly said, we are not our thoughts – rather, we are the observers of our thoughts.

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