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Nurse Triumphs Over Trauma: Lisa Teichroeb RN's Story of Overcoming Alcoholism, Childhood Trauma, and PTSD.

Lisa Teichroeb, a devoted registered nurse, bravely navigated a cataclysmic life shift that pushed her from a path of self-destruction to a road of healing and self-discovery. She now uses her own experiences to guide others along their journeys to recovery. This is the inspiring tale of her journey.

Lisa's past was marked by childhood trauma that followed her like a shadow. Throughout her life, Lisa ran from the memories, and intergenerational trauma, which contributed to her struggle with alcoholism. The aftermath of an alcohol-fueled incident spurred her into facing her worst fear: reliving her past. An ordeal that drew her into the cold, unsettling confines of a jail cell.

The unfortunate incident led to the loss of her license and her identity as a nurse cast a stark light on the enormity of her addiction. Launching her into the public eye, Lisa felt exposed, yet it was in this vulnerability that she found her strength.

In the wake of her trauma, Lisa found herself at odds with her past. She had to confront the demons from her abuse and trauma, an arduous journey she wouldn't wish on anyone. Embracing her past, she began to understand the imperative need to dissociate herself from her abusers and their actions. Her healing was a continuous process where she learned to differentiate her true identity from the embittering experiences of her past.

Nonetheless, Lisa's tribulations didn't extinguish her commitment to service. Her desire to heal didn't stop at her own recovery. Now three years sober, Lisa has evolved from living behind smoke screens and facades to sharing her experiences authentically. She channels her raw truth into guiding others through their recovery, offering genuine hope through her lived experiences.

Today, Lisa strives to blend culture, nature, and western practices in her pursuit of understanding and treating chemical dependency. Her studies of cognitive therapy and neuroplasticity, combined with her training as a herbalist, highlight her commitment to helping others. She stands firm by her message that 'defeat is not an option, it’s a choice.' In every sense, Lisa is a shining beacon of resilience, offering hope to others who have been similarly affected by alcoholism and trauma.

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